Draught Beer Quality Ambassador Addresses Current Issues

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Brewers Association (BA) Draught Beer Quality Ambassador Matt Meadows delivered his first presentation in his capacity as ambassador on Monday, May 21 at the National Restaurant Association Show in Chicago, Ill.

Meadows’ presentation, titled Draught Beer Quality: Understanding Today’s Draught Beer Landscape, was part of the educational program delivered during the show. The specific learning objectives of the session included understanding today’s discerning consumer and the complex draught beer landscape today, exploring current best practices and available resources for attaining high-quality draught beer, and learning how to maximize profits with a well-executed draught beer program.

The presentation was specifically tailored to deliver relevant information on draught beer quality to restaurateurs. Meadows drew specific attention to BA resources such as the Draught Beer Quality Manual and Draught Beer Quality for Retailers. Several hands-on demonstrations were included, such as one on how proper pouring technique can create substantially higher profits per keg.

As the number of breweries and new products continue to increase, so too does the complexity of the draught beer landscape. Today’s beer consumers are more knowledgeable and discerning than they have ever been. As a result, there is a greater focus put on draught beer quality than ever before. For today’s retailers, the need for a well-executed draught beer program is at an all-time high. Recognizing this need, the Brewers Association added the role of Draught Beer Quality Ambassador in January 2018. The BA appointed Matt Meadows of New Belgium Brewing as the co-ambassador (alongside BA Quality Ambassador Neil Witte) to educate wholesalers and retailers on how to preserve the great flavor and aroma of beer from the moment it is created by the brewer to the time it is served to the consumer.

Additional information and resources addressing draught beer quality can be found on www.draughtquality.org.