Brewers Association Safety Ambassador Leads OSHA Inspector Training

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Brewers Association (BA) Safety Ambassador Matt Stinchfield conducted a three-hour training session with over twenty Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Inspectors from the Denver and Englewood offices, OSHA Region VIII. This special training session was held on April 12, 2019 at Sleeping Giant Brewing Company in Denver, Colo.

The training session was part of the recently initiated OSHA alliance between the Region VIII Office, the Englewood and Denver area offices of OSHA, the Colorado On-site Health and Safety Consultation Program, the Brewers Association, the Master Brewers Association of the Americas, and the Colorado Brewers Guild. Representatives from all OSHA Alliance participants were on hand.

The training session consisted of an hour and a half of of classroom instruction, followed by an hour and a half walk-through of the brewing facilities. The walk-through re-enforced the material covered in class by allowing the inspectors the opportunity to immediately see the equipment and processes involved.

Colorado OSHA inspectors take a tour of Sleeping Giant Brewing Company in Denver, Colo.

“OSHA inspectors are generalists, inspecting many types of facilities from day care centers to power plants,” said Stinchfield.

“This on-site training allows OSHA inspectors to become familiar with the equipment and processes used to brew beer. The knowledge gained during the training allows OSHA to focus on the safety issues that are the most dangerous threats in brewing operations.” – BA Safety Ambassador Matt Stinchfield

“We really appreciate the commitment to worker safety and health that the alliance members have exhibited,” said Herb Gibson, Area Director for the OSHA Denver Office. “The folks at Sleeping Giant were so nice and open to having 20 OSHA government inspectors roaming around. We appreciate the training and how much we learned about brewing.”

“I am glad Sleeping Giant could host the session and serve as a training ground for the inspectors,” said Drew Martinez, Brewing Process Engineer at Sleeping Giant. “These types of activities improve communications between the regulatory body and the industry and will lead to fewer brewery injuries.”

The industry alliance with OSHA will remain in force for two years until March of 2021. The focus of the alliance is to establish a collaborative relationship to foster safer and more healthful workplaces through training, education, outreach, and communication.