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November/December 2007

GABF Coverage Issue

The November/December 2007 The New Brewer focuses on various topics including the rising costs of malt and hops; sustainability; the rise of brewpubs; barrel aging; and coverage of the 2007 Great American Beer Festival.

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Cover Story

GABF Coverage Issue

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The Rising Costs of Malt and Hops

The last 18 months have seen skyrocketing increases in the cost of beer’s principal ingredients, malt and hops. What does it mean for your brewery?

GABF Coverage Issue

Featured Stories

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The New Brewer: GABF Coverage Issue

The Sustainable Brewery

Sustainable breweries address social responsibility, ecological sustainability and financial stability. A growing number of breweries are achieving success in all three areas.

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The New Brewer: GABF Coverage Issue

Drink Locally, Eat Locally

The original rationale for brewpubs was beer consumed within yards of the vessels where it was brewed. Now, some brewpubs are applying the philosophy to the meals they serve.

tnbnd07 Whats in Your Barrel600x400
The New Brewer: GABF Coverage Issue

What’s In Your Barrel?

We present the thoughts on wood aging from six craft brewers who have found success creating tasty wood-aged beers, from materials to process to cleaning.

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The New Brewer: GABF Coverage Issue

Sold-Out GABF Rocks

Beer lovers packed the Colorado Convention Center October 11-13 for another record-setting Great American Beer Festival, sampling more than 1,800 craft beers.

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