November/December 2017

Raw Materials Issue

For the November/December 2017 The New Brewer, we present our annual Raw Materials issue, focusing on the 2017 barley and hop harvests in the U.S. and beyond. It provides a study in contrasts between the U.S. hop harvest and the U.S. barley harvest, which appear to be heading in opposite directions as far as acreage.

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Cover Story

Raw Materials Issue

2017 World Barley and Hops Harvest

A comprehensive look at the 2018 hops and barley harvests. The U.S. again the top-producing country for hops, while U.S. barley acreage faced further declines.

Raw Materials Issue

Featured Stories

Barley Breeding
The New Brewer: Raw Materials Issue

Barley Breeding: A New Focus for Beer Diversity

Brewers can now choose among at least 200 readily available hop varieties. In the malt department, however, it is rare for a brewer to disclose the malt varieties on the label.

Small Hop Farms
The New Brewer: Raw Materials Issue

Beyond the Numbers: Small Hop Farms have Big Local Impact

Small hop farms outside the Pacific Northwest harvest a tiny portion of the hops sold worldwide, but their influence within the craft industry is significant.

2017 Hop Survey
The New Brewer: Raw Materials Issue

2017 Hop Usage Survey

The 10th annual Brewers Association survey provides a look at the top 10 hop varieties, 10 hard-to-get varieties, and a by-the-numbers snapshot of hop usage by craft brewers.

North America Barley
The New Brewer: Raw Materials Issue

No Barley, No Beer: U.S. Malting Barley Acreage on Decline

The U.S. planted a record low 2.5 million acres of barley in 2017, a far cry from the 19-million-acre peak in 1942. The decline in acreage can be traced to many factors.

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