May/June 2018

Industry Review Issue

For the May/June 2018 The New Brewer, we present our annual Industry Review, recapping the statistics and highlights for the craft brewing industry in 2017. This marks our biggest-ever issue of The New Brewer, with 312 pages of industry analysis broken out by categories, brewery barrelage numbers, and 2017 brewery openings and closings. We also include photos from the Craft Brewers Conference & BrewExpo America® and World Beer Cup® in Nashville, Tenn.

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Cover Story

Industry Review Issue

Evolving in a Changing Landscape

It’s no wonder that many brewers seem to have whiplash, trying to keep track of all the changes, both internal and external, impacting the craft community.

Industry Review Issue

Featured Stories

The New Brewer

Brewpubs: Staying Power

Brewpubs have the wind at their backs. In 2017, 264 brewpubs opened, 64 closed, and the total in operation surpassed 2,000 for the second straight year.

The New Brewer

Micros: Still Driving Growth

Microbreweries are once again the primary engine in craft growth, accounting for nearly 60 percent of the category’s total growth in 2017.

The New Brewer

Regionals: Rolling with the Punches

How do you react when your backyard is becoming ever more crowded and competitive, and you’re in danger of getting elbowed off your own turf? You adapt.

The New Brewer

Large Breweries + Imports: High End Fuels Growth

Imports, craft beer, flavored malt beverages, and Michelob ULTRA are driving 100 percent of the growth in an overall flat U.S. beer industry.

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