March/April 2016

Distribution Issue

In the March/April 2016 The New Brewer, we turn our attention to distribution, focusing on the many models available to both brewpubs and packaging breweries. We also include practical tips for structuring a distribution contract.

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Cover Story

Distribution Issue

The Many Models of Distribution

Many brewpubs are exploring the off-premise trade to maximize their sales. How far they go depends on their capacity, their business plans, and, of course, the law.

Distribution Issue

Featured Stories

The New Brewer: Distribution Issue

A Practical Blueprint for Distribution

Whether you’re an experienced brewer, a startup packaging brewery, or a brewpub expanding to provide products to local retailers, you need a viable distribution plan.

The New Brewer: Distribution Issue

The Mega-Merger and the Three-Tier System

The merger between Anheuser-Busch InBev and SABMiller is the largest in brewing history, but it also signals fundamental changes to the U.S alcohol beverage industry.

The New Brewer: Distribution Issue

Reevaluation the Reinheitsgebot

The Reinheitsgebot’s 500th anniversary is an occasion for the reevaluation of its relevancy—especially within the context of today’s rise of the craft brewing movement.

The New Brewer: Distribution Issue

Craft Brewers Provide Disaster Relief

Craft breweries nationwide have been impacted by natural disasters in recent years, but they have also stepped up to help victims of these tragedies in meaningful ways.

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