TNB MA Planning for Brewery Expansions
March/April 2014

Business of Beer Issue

For the March/April 2014 The New Brewer, we present our Business of Beer issue. For this issue, we take a look at the planning process for brewery expansions and provide insight into setting up an employee stock ownership plan (ESOP).

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Cover Story

Business of Beer Issue

tnbma14 room to grow

Room to Grow

Expansion is exciting, energizing, and for many brewers, the next evolution; but there are accompanying challenges that can derail the next phase in the life of the brewery.

Business of Beer Issue

Featured Stories

tnbma14 springtime
The New Brewer: Business of Beer Issue

French Springtime Ale

Today, bière de Mars is most closely associated with the city of Strasbourg and environs, in the French region of Alsace, where it is a regular part of breweries’ seasonal portfolios.

tnbma14 ESOP
The New Brewer: Business of Beer Issue

ESOPs in the Craft Brewing Industry

Craft brewers such as New Belgium, Deschutes, and Full Sail have led the way in choosing employee stock ownership plans (ESOPs) as a succession planning vehicle.

tnbma14 perfect press release
The New Brewer: Business of Beer Issue

Crafting the Perfect Press Release

In the dynamic landscape of traditional, digital, and social media, one constant remains: the press release, an essential mode of communication that never goes out of style.

tnbma14 CBC
The New Brewer: Business of Beer Issue

Something for Everyone

If you can’t find a beer or brewery that suits your style in Denver, site of the 2014 Craft Brewers Conference April 8-11, you’re likely not trying hard enough.

tnbma14 still life
The New Brewer: Business of Beer Issue

Still Life

Despite a lack of a “home distilling” training ground, many craft breweries have taken up the challenge in recent years and made distilling their profession as well.

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