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March/April 2012

Managing Growth Issue

For the March/April 2012 The New Brewer, we present our Managing Growth issue. In this issue, we take a look at topics such as expansion, contract brewing, scaling back distribution, and craft beer’s economic resilience. We also provide a preview of San Diego as host city of the 2012 Craft Brewers Conference.

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Cover Story

Managing Growth Issue

room to grow

Room to Grow

New breweries are popping up nationwide almost every week now. But the real news in this wave of recent growth may actually be that the “old breweries” are getting bigger.

Managing Growth Issue

Featured Stories

sounding retreat
The New Brewer: Managing Growth Issue

Sounding Retreat

During the late 1990s, when craft beer growth slowed to single digits, many breweries who branched out into distant territories now find that they overextended themselves.

road now taken
The New Brewer: Managing Growth Issue

The Road Now Taken

It isn’t too great a leap to wonder whether contracts could prove to be the lifeblood of the next wave of craft growth, or at least play a more significant role going forward.

economic resilience
The New Brewer: Managing Growth Issue

Craft Beer’s Economic Resilience

Given the continuing economic doldrums and persistently high unemployment since 2009, it might be easy to start thinking of craft beer as “recession-proof.” But is it?

back to beach
The New Brewer: Managing Growth Issue

Back to the Beach

San Diego is still the same great place that it was four years when the city last hosted the Craft Brewers Conference. However, much has changed in the beer scene.

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