The New Brewer March April 2019
March/April 2019

Strategies for Success

What does it take for a craft brewery to succeed in 2019? Quality beer. Business acumen. A connection with the community. Adaptiveness. With more than 7,300 breweries now operating in the United States, how will your brewery stand out from the rest? The March/April 2019 The New Brewer is our Strategies for Success issue, with Brewers Association ambassadors and industry veterans sharing tips for carving out a path to longevity.

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Cover Story

Strategies for Success

Strategies for Success

Strategies for Success

Articles in this compilation include: 5 Quality Elements to Implement Right Now by Neil Witte; From Cellar to Sellar: Building Brand Ambassadors by Chris Shields; Elevating Your Safety Culture by Matt Stinchfield; Using Local Ingredients by Gabe Toth; Environmental Stewardship by Erin Cox; Attracting a More Diverse Fan Base by J. Nikol Jackson-Beckham.

Strategies for Success

Featured Stories

The New Brewer: Strategies for Success

A Beer City with Altitude: Denver Hosts Craft Brewers Conference

Anyone who’s worked or played in the craft beer industry for at least a few years has probably drained a pint or two—or sipped from a tulip glass—in Denver.

The New Brewer: Strategies for Success

French Twist: Brewing Session Beers with Alsatian Hops

While the volume of French hops may be small, their characteristics are captivating. Strisselspalt, their progenitor, excels in classic noble aromas, perfect for session beers.

The New Brewer: Strategies for Success

CBD and Craft Beer Consumption

The impact of legalized marijuana for recreational use on the beer business is still a question, but a new study attempts to shed some light on CBD and craft beer drinking.

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