July August The New Brewer 2011
July/August 2011

Technical Brewing Issue

For the July/August 2011 The New Brewer, we present our annual Technical Brewing issue. In this issue, we take a look at topics such as barrel aging, Brettanomyces, and dissolved oxygen.

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Cover Story

Technical Brewing Issue

barrel basics

The Basics of Barrels

So you’ve decided to make a barrel-aged beer. You’ve spent hours imagining the symphony of flavors that will be developed, but how do you get started?

Technical Brewing Issue

Featured Stories

reduce dissolved oxygen
The New Brewer: Technical Brewing Issue

Reducing Dissolved Oxygen

Cleaning the bright tank (or serving tank in brewpubs) with acid and detergent only, rather than using caustic or other alkaline cleaners, can help reduce dissolved oxygen.

fast starters
The New Brewer: Technical Brewing Issue

Fast Starters

Myriad brewpubs and small production breweries have opened in recent years and a surprising number have achieved impressive sales and critical success within months.

branching out
The New Brewer: Technical Brewing Issue

Branching Out

Most common among the vessels employed in breweries are barrels that have been previously purposed with the storage of other beverages. How do you get them?

closer look at bretts
The New Brewer: Technical Brewing Issue

A Closer Look at Brettanomyces

These days it seems everyone is talking about Brett, but what makes it so fascinating is that very little knowledge exists about this yeast and its use in brewing.

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