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January/February 2010

Beer Franchise Laws Issue

For the January/February 2010 issue of The New Brewer, we present our Franchise Laws issue. In this issue, we examine beer franchise laws as well as topics such as variety packs, diversity, nanobreweries, and the fine art of floor malting.

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Beer Franchise Laws Issue

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Variety Packs

Variety packs, the Whitman’s Samplers of the beer world, are a valuable marketing tool for reeling in new customers and keeping old ones excited. But are they practical?

Beer Franchise Laws Issue

Featured Stories

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The New Brewer: Beer Franchise Laws Issue

Crafting Diversity

A brief scan of the crowd at just about any beer fest tells the tale (and the numbers back it up): the craft beer community tends to be very, very white.

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The New Brewer: Beer Franchise Laws Issue

Small Wonders

The latest wave of the craft beer revolution has been a surge of true “microbreweries,” many of whom produce fewer than 100 barrels of beer per year.

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The New Brewer: Beer Franchise Laws Issue

The Fine Art of Floor Malting

There are still a few atavistic maltsters and brewers who are trying to recreate the beer flavors from the 19th century for us to taste today using floor-malted heirloom barley.

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The New Brewer: Beer Franchise Laws Issue

Beer Franchise Laws

Nine states have amended their beer or all-alcohol “franchise” laws during the past year, many in response to the looming distribution consolidation of Miller and Coors products.

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