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January/February 2007

Beer & Health Issue

For the January/February 2007 The New Brewer, we present an issue that focuses on beer and health, including a look at gluten-free beer and the health benefits of beer. We also provide an interview with new NBWA president Craig Purser; examine glass shortages that are affecting craft brewers; and discuss marketing craft beers overseas.

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Cover Story

Beer & Health Issue

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Gluten-Free Beer

Almost 1% of the population cannot digest or tolerate a protein in grains known as gluten. For them, life without beer can be a lot less pleasurable and a lot more difficult.

Beer & Health Issue

Featured Stories

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The New Brewer: Beer & Health Issue

Beer’s To Your Health

A first-of-its-kind symposium in the United States sheds more light on the science behind the emerging health benefits of the moderate consumption of beer.

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The New Brewer: Beer & Health Issue

Meet New NBWA President Craig Purser

The NBWA is ranked eighth on Fortune magazine’s most recent Power 25 group of the most powerful lobbying groups in Washington D.C. We sat down with the man in charge.

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The New Brewer: Beer & Health Issue

Bottle Battles

Access to market challenges for small brewers come in many shapes and sizes, but we don’t typically think of them as coming in the 12-ounce variety. What’s a brewer to do?

tnbjf07 Looking Overseas for new markets600x400
The New Brewer: Beer & Health Issue

Looking Overseas for New Markets

Many craft brewers are finding success across the pond. How did their beers end up there, and how can your brewery join the growing ranks of exporters?

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