January/February 2018

The Business of Beer Issue

For the January/February 2018 The New Brewer, we present the Business of Beer issue, focusing on the value of infrequent customers, unusual business models, exports, ESOPs, and satellite tasting rooms. We also take a closer look at Munich dunkel, one of the world’s oldest beer styles, in our Style Spotlight.

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Cover Story

The Business of Beer Issue

The Other Long Tail: The Value of infrequent Customers

Can brand champions be encouraged to drink their favorite brand even more often? Or will more grown be generated by reaching out directly to potential new drinkers?

The Business of Beer Issue

Featured Stories

The New Brewer

Breaking the Mold: Brewery Business Plans That Buck the Trend

Many craft breweries are finding success with unusual business models, from small breweries with an extended reach, to a combination brewery and running shoe store.

The New Brewer

Opportunity Abroad: U.S. Craft Beer Exports on the Rise

Opportunities abound for craft brewers who want to distribute their beer to new markets. A growing number of craft breweries are actively exporting their brands overseas.

The New Brewer

Farther Afield: Satellite Tasting Rooms

In a saturated market where wholesalers juggle SKUs and differentiation can determine the fate of a brand, satellite tasting rooms are becoming a popular option for breweries.

The New Brewer

Becoming an Employee-Owned Company: One Brewery’s Perspective

in 2017, just shy of our fourth anniversary, Modern Times Beer became an employee-owned company. Here’s why we think it’s a viable option for any healthy business.

The New Brewer

Common Ground: Creating a Master Product Catalog

The creation of a master product catalog would provide basic product attribute data and e-commerce information that breweries, retailers, and distributors could tap into.

The New Brewer

Style Spotlight: Munich Dunkel

Dunkel is considered on of the world’s oldest beer styles. Until the emergence of Pils and helles in the early 20th century, the default quaff of Bavarians was dunkel.

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