January/February 2017

Local Brewing Issue

For the January/February 2017 The New Brewer, we present our Brewing Local issue. In this issue, we explore the rise of farm breweries, the importance of local to consumers, the distribution concept of “going deep,” and include an excerpt from Brewing Local by Stan Hieronymus. In addition, Cassie Liscomb of Briess Malt & Ingredients Co. outlines the new ASBC-approved Hot Steep method that allows brewers to easily evaluate extractable malt flavor.

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Cover Story

Local Brewing Issue

A Bumper Crop of Beer: The Rise of Farm Breweries

Many farm breweries are excited about the prospect of growing their own ingredients. Most do it for creativity and inspiration, rather than controlling their own supply chain.

Local Brewing Issue

Featured Stories

The New Brewer: Local Brewing Issue

Evaluating Malt Flavor: The Hot Steep Method

The Hot Steep method, a rapid wort preparation method approved by the ASBC, will allow breweries of all sizes and budgets to easily evaluate extractable malt flavor.

The New Brewer: Local Brewing Issue

Reviving Heirloom Brands: Beer with a History Chaser

Heirloom beer brands–brews your grandfather quaffed back in the day–have a heritage that resonates with a younger generation.

The New Brewer: Local Brewing Issue

Going Deep: Focusing Distribution Close to Home

Many distribution models exist, but several indicators suggest that many craft brewers appear to be concentrating more seriously on their own backyards these days.

The New Brewer: Local Brewing Issue

Local Sourcing from the Beer Lover’s Perspective

The trend toward embracing locally sourced ingredients in food and beverages seems well on its way to becoming a mainstream phenomenon, much like craft beer itself.

The New Brewer: Local Brewing Issue

The Importance of Being Local: Beer from a Place

Do we think more highly of local beers because they are “green?” Or for other reasons? These questions are explored in this excerpt from Brewing Local American-Grown Beer.

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