Brewing CO2: Supply Chains, Sensory, and Quality

Webinar 2021
Speakers: Jacob Fuentes, John Mallett, Walker Modic, Becca Ransohoff, Andrew Reyes, Lauren Torres

Watch this webinar to:

  1. Understand the sources of industrial CO2 production including:
    • Production processes
    • Percent of total U.S. liquid CO2 represented by each source
    • General regions of concentration by production processes
    • Number of operative facilities
    • Number of operative facilities capturing CO2
  2. Understand the forces that can affect the reliability of your CO2 such as:
    • Industries that consume large amounts of CO2
    • Contracted vendors:
      • The Big 5
      • Regional variety of production sources under contract with a vendor
      • Regional quantity of contracted CO2
  3. Understand the supply chain factors that affect CO2 quality like:
    • Production method
    • Receiving CO2
    • Storing and vaporizing CO2
  4. Considerations when signing a new CO2 contract
  5. Future considerations
  6. Importance of making sure CO2 entering the brewery is free of contaminants that might have an effect on beer quality
  7. Overview for establishing sensory checks to monitor CO2 quality
  8. Practical considerations and safety concerns

Brewing CO2 Series

This webinar is part of the Brewing CO2 Series, a collaborative effort by three major brewing organizations including the Master Brewers Association of the Americas​, the ​American Society of Brewing Chemists, and the Brewers Association.

Brewers stand united amidst myriad challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic. This three-part webinar series is an in-depth discussion of brewing CO2 and the current shortage affecting the industry.

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About the Speakers

Jacob Fuentes

Jacob Fuentes, Sensory Technician

New Belgium Brewing

Jacob Fuentes is a Sensory Technician at New Belgium Brewing with over seven years of brewing experience. He received a B.A in Biology and Environmental Science from Coe College. Jacob currently manages New Belgium's daily panel, tracks panelist validation, and helps with research and development. He was involved/participated in last year's hop selection, fueling​ his growing passion for raw ingredients.​

John Mallett

John Mallett, Vice President - Operations

Bell's Brewery, Inc.

John Mallet has directed a production at Bell's Brewery in Kalamazoo, Mich. since 2001. John serves on many brewing technical committees, is the current president of Master Brewers Association, and previously served on the Board of Directors for the Brewers Association, Master Brewers Association of the Americas, the American Malting Barley Association, and the Hop Quality Group. He has lectured and written extensively on beer and brewing over his 30+ years in the industry. In 2002, John was the recipient of the Institute for Brewing Studies Russell Schehrer Award for brewing innovation. He is the author of Malt: A Practical Guide from Field to Brewhouse.

Walker Modic

Walker Modic, Environmental and Social Sustainability Manager

Bell's Brewery, Inc.

Walker Modic is the Environmental and Social Sustainability Manager at Bell's Brewery where he oversees environmental engineering, environmental compliance, byproduct utilization, and natural resource utilization. Before joining Bell's in 2013, he was the head brewer at a small regional brewpub in Cambridge, Mass. Prior to starting a career in beer he worked at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's National Health and Environmental Effects Research Laboratory and received the EPA's award for Scientific and Technological Achievement for his research on the effects of Atrazine. He holds a MA in Sustainability and Environmental Management from Harvard University and an​ MS in Molecular and Structural Biochemistry from North Carolina State University.

Becca Ransohoff

Becca Ransohoff, Master of Chemistry

MadTree Brewing Company

Becca Ransohoff started her career following a passion for chemistry. After spending four years at Earlham College, Becca returned to Cincinnati with her bachelor's degree in chemistry and geology to work for the University of Cincinnati (UC) researching biogeochemistry (it's a real thing). After a year in the lab, she decided to return to school and received a Masters degree in organometallic chemistry at UC, all the while developing her skills as a beer drinker and homebrewer. Becca left academia to pursue a career in the brewing industry and found her calling as a Mad(Tree) scientist in 2016.​

Andrew Reyes

Andrew Reyes, Sensory Supervisor

Sierra Nevada Brewing Company

Andrew Reyes is the sensory supervisor for the Sierra Nevada Brewing Company. He received his B.S. in biochemistry from CSU Chico and currently manages the sensory programs at the brewery in Chico, Calif. and Mills River, N.C. His group is involved in supporting quality assurance, research and development, innovation, and new product efforts at both sites.​

Lauren Torres

Lauren Torres, Lab Manager

Bell's Brewery, Inc.

Lauren Torres began her career in the brewing industry shortly after graduating from Kalamazoo College with a BA in chemistry. Lauren currently has the pleasure of leading a fantastic team of individuals while serving in the role of Lab Manager at Bell's Brewery. Lauren has gained experience in the chemistry, microbiology, and sensory areas of the brewing laboratory. She has been a crucial player in building quality and laboratory programs at Bell's. Outside of the brewery, Lauren has assisted in teaching with the Siebel Institute of Technology’s Quality Course and has presented at the local and national level at the ASBC, ASQ, and MBAA conferences, as well as at the Craft Brewers Conference. Additionally, Lauren has been fortunate to enough participate as a judge in various professional beer competitions locally and internationally. Finally, Lauren was the recipient of the North American Brewers Association scholarship in 2017.​​

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