Brewing CO2: Safety, Monitoring and Production Best Practices

Webinar 2021
Speakers: Travis Audet, Gabriel Domínguez, Brian Godfrey, John Greivell, Tony McCrimmon

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Watch this webinar to:

  • Learn what CO2 monitoring is, what instruments to use and where, and why it is important
  • Reinforce CO2 safety and its importance in operations
  • Discuss CO2 quality, including ensuring low beer dissolved oxygen by managing CO2/N2 purity
    • Practical considerations (i.e. hose handling during bulk tank fill)
    • Rules of thumb for max O2 limits to deliver <20 ppb
  • Explore balanced CO2 systems
  • Look at options for moving from CO2 bung buckets to professional brewing practices
    • Foam traps
    • Proper tank venting
    • HVAC and corrosiveness of CO2 considerations
  • Hear tank purging best practices

Brewing CO2 Series

This webinar is part of the Brewing CO2 Series, a collaborative effort by three major brewing organizations including the Master Brewers Association of the Americas​, the ​American Society of Brewing Chemists, and the Brewers Association.

Brewers stand united amidst myriad challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic. This three-part webinar series is an in-depth discussion of brewing CO2 and the current shortage affecting the industry.

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About the Speakers

Travis Audet

Travis Audet, Zone Technical Expert in Brewing


Travis Audet has been brewing professionally since 1994 and is a proud member of Master Brewers Association. He has worked in brew pubs, craft breweries, brewing research and development, and regional breweries in both Canada and the United States. Currently, Travis is a Zone Technical Expert in Brewing for Anheuser-Busch InBev (AB-I) based in St. Louis, Mo. In his current role, he serves breweries in the AB-I North American zone, assisting in process optimization in brewing. Travis has a degree in Natural Resources from the University of Maine and also has earned the Master Brewer Certification from the Institute of Brewing and Distilling. In service to MBAA, Travis has held multiple voluntary roles, including district officer positions, Membership Committee Chair, Board of Governors Representative and Education Committee Chair.

Gabriel Domínguez

Gabriel Domínguez


Gabriel Domínguez is a professional chemical engineer with both a master's degree in business and administration and Blackbelt Six Sigma in manufacturing. Gabriel is a brewing equipment salesman, a Master Brewers member since 2004, and an active beverages technologist for ISBT.​

Brian Godfrey

Brian Godfrey, Senior EHS Specialist–Safety Lead

TRC Companies

Brian Godfrey is a Senior EHS Specialist–Safety Lead for the Central Region for TRC Companies. He focuses on the environment, health, and safety primarily in the food and beverage industry. Brian has worked in the safety arena for almost 20 years. He currently serves as the Master Brewers Safety Committee Chair and is a member of the Brewers Association Safety Subcommittee.

John Greivell

John Greivell, Vice President of Sales

Lesman Instruments

John Greivell has been involved in the environmental health and safety field since 1990, working in the areas of RCRA remediation, emergency response, confined space entry, site-specific safety plan development, and the planning of monitoring strategies for these types of projects.

Since 1996, John leads the sales team at RAECO-LIC LLC, a company that specializes in industrial hygiene, environmental, pro​cess and safety monitoring, and measuring technologies and systems. Since its merger with Lesman Instruments Company, he has served as vice president of sales. He is an active member of the American Industrial Hygiene Association.

John has been a guest lecturer at the UW System and has given technical presentations for local and state safety and industrial hygiene groups on a variety of monitoring technologies, applications, and best practices.

Tony McCrimmon

Tony McCrimmon, OSHA Trainer

Brewery Safety Consulting

As an OSHA trainer, Tony McCrimmon has managed lockout programs for many tasks and has gained experience to help identify various lockout hazards. He has been a GABF and WBC team member for 25 years, a BJCP judge, homebrewer, and has visited 100's of breweries throughout the 50 states and Washington, D.C.

Tony served as the Western North America Regional Manager for a gas monitoring equipment manufacturer, and managed the CO2 and hazardous gas monitoring equipment program for the largest U.S. brewing chain. He has guided gas detection and monitoring programs and confined space entry across many industries, including oil and gas and brewing.

Tony is a member of the Brewers Association Safety Subcommittee, MBAA Safety Committee, and the Col​orado Brewers Guild. He has provided safety topic training for these organizations at conferences and meetings, including many Craft Brewer Conferences. He has helped many home brewing friends with their safety programs as they turned professional, and coached many brewers across all 50 states and Washington, D.C. during visits.