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mobile playlist icon Legal, Quality, and Packaging Tips for Shipping Beer Direct-to-Consumer legal quality packaging tips shipping beer direct to consumer hero

Legal, Quality, and Packaging Tips for Shipping Beer Direct-to-Consumer

Are you set up to ship beer direct-to-consumer? Check out this playlist for best practices from the BA Quality Subcommittee.Read More


Brewing with Cannabis: Using THC and CBD in Beer

The topic of cannabis becomes more popular every year as additional states legalize its use, either medically or recreationally. Many brewers have wondered about the possibilities of using hemp or marijuana in a brew.In this seminar we will cover the …Read More


Demystifying the Elusive “Standard Operating Procedure”: The SOPs that Saved Our Breweries and What You’ll Want to Know About Them

Anyone who has been part of opening a brewery will tell you that that the actual opening was the easy part. Maintaining positive momentum during an ever-changing set of market conditions and operational challenges is where the real difficulties are …Read More


Designing Low Calorie and Low Carb Beers

Drinkers are seemingly becoming more health conscious and the products becoming popular in the market are reflecting that trend. With hard seltzers, non-alcoholic, and other low sugar products rising, how can craft beer compete? Traditionally, these products are labelled as …Read More


Let’s Talk Craft Lagers: Brewing on Low to High Tech Systems

This panel of craft lager experts will provide attendees with an apples to apples process comparison at key points in lager production on systems ranging from budget-conscious to high tech, manual to automated. Speakers will provide a wide set of …Read More


Soft Hoses vs. Hard Pipes: Process Applications, Safe and Sanitary Design, and Limitations of Both

Pressurized liquid transfer systems and their associated piping are a critical piece of brewery design that require airtight, sanitary design with particular attention paid to safety. This talk will focus on how to properly and practically select the right combination …Read More

Displaying results 51-60 of 277