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Hop Quality Group Update

The Hop Quality Group presents some of the recent findings and provides an on-the-ground update on the changes occurring with hops for craft brewers. Read More

How To Secure Raw Materials and Ingredients

As more brewies enter the market, they may need to compete for limited raw materials. This presentation gives brewery start-ups the information needed to secure raw materials. Read More

Berliner Weisse

Berliner Weisse has become more and more of interest, especially in the international craft brewing world. Both traditional and modern brewing procedures as well as quality aspects will be the main topics of this presentation. Read More

Bottle Conditioning

This seminar will review bottle conditioning techniques ranging from those used by homebrewers to processes applied on a craft brewer scale. The panel’s approach will be discussed as well as other common techniques used by other brewers in the industry. Read More

Cask Ale – Keeping it Real on the Street

Cask ale is often regarded as one of the best example of the brewers art and craft. Quite often, however, it is a challenge to consistently deliver the quality and integrity this product requires at point-of-purchase. This seminar will provides …Read More

Educational Publications

Water & Wastewater Sustainability Manual

Despite significant improvement over the last 20 years, water consumption and wastewater disposal remain environmental and economic hurdles. Learn about effective water and wastewater management solutions in the craft brewers segment, regardless of location, operational size or current initiatives.Read More

Displaying results 151-161 of 161