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Researcher Presentations

Researcher Presentation: Developing Fertility and Pest Management Strategies to Optimize Hop Yield and Minimize Environmental Impact Growing hops in temperate climates, like the Northeast, presents both agronomic and environmental challenges to growers. Add an increasingly erratic climate to the mix and …Read More

No Barley, No Beer: Understanding the U.S. Barley and Malt Supply Chain

Without barley, there is no beer! Get to know the growers of your U.S. malting barley, hailing from North Dakota, Idaho, and Montana. This interactive panel discussion will cover national and regional production trends, reasons for the decline in barley …Read More

Researcher Presentations: Your BA Dues At Work

In 2016, the Brewers Association provided $280,000 in competitive grant support for 13 barley- and hop-related research projects. Several of these researchers will present their findings during the Craft Brewers Conference. Learn about cutting-edge discoveries that will benefit your business …Read More

Craft Malting and the Rebel Alliance

Experts discuss the revolutionary power of craft malting and small-scale barley farming. Over the last 100 years, breweries have moved away from malting their own barley to buying a small number of barley varieties from a small number of producers. …Read More

Managing the 2014 North American Barley Crop

The 2014 growing year was very challenging for barley growers; those challenges now fall to maltsters and brewers. This panel was assembled to help brewers make the most of this important raw material when Mother Nature throws a curveball. Read More

Economics of Raw Materials

The panel discusses the underlying economic factors that impact future availability and pricing of malt, hops, glass and paper. Read More

Sustainability on the Farm

We all rely on high quality hops and barley to make our delicious brews, but what goes into growing those crops? What inputs are required to grow essential ingredients? Learn about the hurdles and successes faced by hop and barley …Read More

Displaying results 1-10 of 16