Diversity Best Practices: Diversifying Your Fans

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Diversity and Inclusion for Small and Independent Craft Breweries

Diversity and Inclusion Series

Part 2: Diversifying Your Fans

This is the second in a five-part series created by the Brewers Association’s Diversity Ambassador, J. Nikol Jackson-Beckham, Ph.D. to help BA members in their efforts when pursuing diversity and inclusion.

Without your fans you wouldn’t be in business. Understanding the makeup of your marketplace is essential to your success. When it comes to increasing diversity and inclusivity among your fans, taking a “barriers, not bait” approach is crucial. This approach asserts that rather than attempting to bait specific populations of people into a relationship with your brand, your efforts should be focused on removing perceived barriers to access.

Several major areas of fan interaction in the craft beer industry where barriers are commonly experienced are discussed, and followed by six broad approaches that breweries can take to begin the process of diversifying their fans.