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U.S. House of Representatives Bill H.R. 494

Ask Your Representative to Become a Co-Sponsor

Contact information for your U.S. Representative can be found on the U.S. House of Representatives home page by entering your zip code in the box in the upper rightt-hand corner. Once you've identified your Representative and have the contact information for the Washington, D.C. office, please call, email and/or fax a request that your Representative become a co-sponsor of H.R. 494. See the list of current bill co-sponsors.

H.R. 494 Support - Employee Letter Download PDF

H.R. 494 Support - Owner-CEO Download PDF

U.S. Senate Bill S. 917

Ask Your Senators to Become Co-Sponsors

Contact information for your U.S. Senators can be found on the U.S. Senate home page by utilizing the "Find Your Senators" drop down search function in the upper right-hand corner.  Once you've identified your two Senators and have the contact information for their Washington, D.C. offices, please call, email and/or fax a request that your Senators become co-sponsors of S. 917.  See the list of current bill co-sponsors.

S. 917 Support - Employee Letter Download PDF

S. 917 Support- Owner-CEO Download PDF


Outline for Calling and/or Writing Your U.S. Congressional Representatives

Here’s a brief outline to use when calling or writing an email. Express and add your own passion for beer and small brewers to your conversation:

  • Tell them your name, company name (if employed by a brewery or beer related business) and where you are from.
  • Give them your contact information.
  • Your conversation:
  • Thank you for taking the time to hear my request of Representative/Senator XXX.
  • Representatives Jim Gerlach and Richard Neal, both members of the House Ways & Means Committee, introduced H.R. 494 on February 5, 2013.  Senators Ben Cardin and Susan Collins introduced S. 917on May 9, 2013.
  • This legislation would help create jobs for America’s 2,400+ small breweries.  Small breweries are small businesses that employ more than 108,000 people in local communities throughout America.
  • The legislation will reduce excise tax for the nation’s small breweries from $7 to $3.50 per barrel for the first 60,000 barrels of beer produced. It will also provide a tax reduction from the current rate of $18 per barrel to a reduced rate of $16 for barrels 60,001 up to 2 million barrels.  Breweries that produce less than 6 million barrels would be eligible for these tax rates. In summary, the bill recalibrates the small brewer excise tax rate to benefit the nation’s smallest breweries which employ people in communities throughout America.

  • A Harvard study of the economic impact of this legislation indicates that:
  • The bill would generate more than 5,000 new jobs over the first year to 18 months, followed by an average of 400 new jobs per year over the following years.
  • Each new job would cost less than $3,300 in foregone government revenue.
  • Can Representative/Senator XXX consider supporting and co-sponsoring this bill?
  • Thank you for your time.


Lazy Magnolia Brewing Company and H.R. 1236

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