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On December 20, 2017, Congress passed H.R. 1, the Tax Cut and Jobs Act. Learn more about how this bill could affect your brewery.

On-Site Sales Modification Proposed in Iowa

H.B. 401 provides that a manufacturer of beer may be granted one class “B” beer permit for the purpose of selling beer at retail for consumption on or off the premises of the manufacturing facility …More

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Brewery Promotion Fund Intro’d in MD

House Bill 480 establishes the Maryland Brewery Promotion Program and Fund in the Department of Commerce (Commerce). The program provides grants to eligible applicants designed to assist Maryland breweries, educate the public about brewing in …More

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MD Franchise Legislation Amended

Significantly amended before passing the Senate, Senate Bill 704 reduces, from 180 days to 45 days, the number of days that a brewery must wait after notifying a distributor of its intent to terminate or …More

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Missour Retail Cooler Lease Extension Advances

Passing the Senate, Senate Bill 197 would extend the expiration of the statutory language giving brewers the ability to lease to retailers portable refrigeration units to January 1, 2026.

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Retail Cooler Lease Sunset Repeal Moves in MO

Passing committee consideration, House Bill 356 repeals the expiration date of the statutory language giving brewers the ability to lease to retailers portable refrigeration units.

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MO Retail Display Changes Bill Stalls

Held in committee, House Bill 634 addresses the ability to provide retailers with non-refrigeration dispensing equipment and seeks to increase dollar limits relating to retail displays and advertising. Currently, a distiller, wholesaler, winemaker, or brewer …More

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Beer Tax Rate Change Advances in Hawaii

Passing their respective chambers, House Bill 887 and companion S.B. 1006 repeal the definition of draft beer and apply the same tax rate (0.54 cents/per wine gallon) to all beer.

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Alaska Looks at Comprehensive Alc law Review

S.B. 52 seeks to reorganize the statutes governing alcohol regulation to clearly define the rights and obligations of licensees, restructure penalties for offenses, and organize the statutes in a logical, common-sense manner. New statutory …More

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