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NY Senator Schumer stops by Saranac to Discuss Proposed Ruling on Spent Grain

Senator Charles Schumer recently stopped by Saranac, a small brewery in New York, to discuss the FDA's proposed ruling on spent grain and the effect it could have on local breweries and farmers.  More

Guild Update - Utah Brewers Guild

State Brewers Association Coordinator Acacia Coast recently visited the Utah Brewers Guild for their annual meeting. Here she provides an update on the guilds progress supporting small brewers in the state and navigating the unfriendly alcohol laws. More

U.S. Senators Support Brewers on Proposed Spent Grain Ruling

In support of brewers in their states and across the country, U.S. Senators Collins (R-ME), King (I-ME), Udall (D-CO) and others are urging changes to the proposed FDA ruling.  More

Guild Update - Florida Brewers Guild Meeting

BA State Brewers Association Coordinator Acacia Coast reports on her recent to Florida for the annual guild meeting. More

Senator Visits Small Brewer Heritage Brewing Co

Senator Mark Warner recently stopped by Heritage Brewing Co. to discuss topics ranging from veterans issues to small brewery economic impact and the link between the two. More

Guild Update: Kentucky Guild of Brewers

Acacia Coast, BA State Brewers Association Coordinator, provides an update on the guild in Kentucky and the challenges faced by small breweries in the state. More

Guild Update: Michigan Brewer Guild 2014 Winter Conference

BA staff members Acacia Coast and Chuck Skypeck recently traveled to Kalamazoo for the Michigan Brewers Guild Winter Conference. Acacia provides an update on the trip.  More

Washington Brewers Guild Hires Executive Director

The Washington Brewers Guild recently announced the hiring of their new executive director, Charlie Sullivan. More

Congressman Erik Paulsen Visits Lucid Brewing and Talks Small BREW Act

Congressman Paulsen recently paid a visit to Lucid Brewing to discuss their small business and the Small BREW Act, a Federal excise recalibration for small breweries. More

Guild Update: Ohio, Washington, Oregon, and Vermont

Acacia Coast, State Brewers Association Coordinator, recently wrapped up her 2013 guild travel. She provides an update on her trips to Ohio, Washington, Oregon, and Vermont. More

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Dr. StateLaws: Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Self-Distribution

As we near the publication of the 2013 craft brewer data set, I’ve been thinking a lot about the states. In the medium/long run, the most important stories about craft brewing are state stories. More