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This membership class is not intended for individuals working within the craft beer industry (or in businesses with a financial stake in the craft beer industry). See other membership classes.

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Indicated with a lock icon in the menu, these pages feature exclusive content available to BA members only, including extensive industry statistical data, benchmarking information, presentation archives, technical information (covering hops, keg repatriation, and other topics), message boards, and committee meeting minutes.

The New Brewer®

A free subscription to The New Brewer magazine and access to The New Brewer Online.

Industry Statistics

Annual Beer Industry Production Survey reports the growth of craft beer industry; featured in the May/June issue of The New Brewer. Access to the Brewery Operations and Benchmarking Survey (BOBS) data, a comprehensive look into brewery operations data.

Professional E-Conference Series: Power Hour

Power Hour is an online, interactive teleconference series on regulatory, marketing and other information. Every segment is recorded and available for download in the Power Hour archives.

Brewers Publications

Discounts on pre-publication releases.

IRI Group Discounts

Discounts on beer sales market reports through the IRI Group.

Networking, Communications & More

Craft Brewers Conference & BrewExpo America®

Individual members save on their conference registration fee. Meet and mingle with brewers, owners, and other industry members at this annual event.

The New Brewer magazine

Published bimonthly, this periodical delivers you in-depth industry information both in print or available anytime online.

Electronic Member Mailings

Updates on beer industry trends and information on BA events and projects.

Great American Beer Festival®

Great American Beer Festival discounts for members-only ticket purchase. Exposure to 60,000 beer enthusiasts.

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Not in Production U.S. Membership
U.S. Individual $175
International Individual $215
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Should I buy an individual membership or a membership for my whole company?

If you are with a brewery, brewery in planning, or other business in the craft beer industry (or business with a financial stake in the craft beer industry), see our corresponding membership types:

I am an investor/potential investor in the craft beer industry; which membership should I buy?

An Allied Trade membership.

I’m a homebrewer looking for brewing resources. Is this the right membership for me?

We invite homebrewers to join the American Homebrewers Association® (AHA), a division of the Brewers Association. An AHA membership includes a subscription to Zymurgy magazine, AHA Member Deals, and access to the Great American Beer Festival® presale. See complete list of AHA benefits.

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