Power Hour

Power Hour is an online, interactive teleconference series. Invited guests present on selected topics of interest to the brewing community, followed by a question and answer session.

Power Hours are generally presented on a monthly schedule, totaling approximately 12 per year.

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  • Participating and accessing the archives is free to Brewers Association members.
  • Non-Members can participate in individual Power Hours for $99 per event.

To participate, you'll need the following

  • Internet access on a computer with audio capability (phone access option available if your computer is not audio capable)

Participants Must Pre-register!

All pre-registered participants will be notified in advance via email with a link and instructions on how to participate. Teleconferences are approximately every six weeks and last for approximately one hour.


Take advantage of our comprehensive list of past Power Hour presentations. As a member, you have access to past presentation slides, audio recordings, and question and answer scripts as well as free participation in the Power Hour Teleconference Series.

Hazard Assessment – The Safety Tool for Busy Brewers

Hazard assessment is a simple, systematic procedure that helps identify and overcome workplace safety hazards for every job in the brewery. Safety Ambassador Matt Stinchfield will guide you through the process using examples drawn from …More

Brewers Association

Incorporating Food Safety Responsibilities into a Quality Program

The Brewers Association’s Quality subcommittee has developed resources that any brewery can use to incorporate food safety into their formal quality program. With the introduction of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), specific quality requirements from retailers, and elevated expectations from consumers, brewers can’t rest on their laurels. Join Jason Perkins, …More

Brewers Association

The Growing Importance of Malt Flavor and Aroma

Today’s malting and brewing industry is more dynamic than ever. As the number of breweries in North America and around the world explodes, so does the range of customer needs for barley malts. Collectively, we …More

Brewers Association

Craft Beer Evolution

As craft beer sales growth has slowed, craft brewers must evolve to meet broader consumer needs, address and entrench high end niches, and transform product portfolios to access higher growth segments. This presentation will provide …More

Brewers Association

Impact of Biofilm on Draught Beer Quality

Biofilm is a community of microbes encased in a matrix that is most often associated with surfaces but also exists as flocs or chunks of floating matter. Biofilm challenges many industries, because once established in …More

Brewers Association

Sustainability from the Start

Kris Spaulding leads a panel of innovative brewers to discuss simple and affordable improvements that have increased efficiency and reduced costs in their breweries. Representing a wide range of locations, production volumes and business models, …More

Brewers Association

Hop Market and Craft Brewing Industry Update

In this Power Hour, Brewers Association Supply Chain Specialist Chris Swersey provides an update on the hop market and how craft brewers relate to it. Chris offers data from the annual BA Hop Survey, Beer …More

Brewers Association

Reduce Costs by Benchmarking Utility Usage and Waste

In this Power Hour, John Stier, the BA’s sustainability mentor, explains how brewers can use sustainability benchmarking tools to reduce the cost of utilities and waste disposal by tracking their resource consumption on a per-barrel …More

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