2020 Export Development Program Activity Calendar

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Brewers Association Export Development Program (EDP) activities work to assist member breweries in identifying opportunities to sell and promote their beers in international markets, and to educate international trade & media about proper storage and handling and the collective quality and diversity of styles created by small & independent American craft brewers.  EDP programs are funded with the support of grant funding from the United States Department of Agriculture.

EDP members can also access a live calendar of activities open for registration in the EDP Members-Only area on BrewersAssociation.org alongside resources including market research, Importer Directory, translated educational materials, and export FAQ. 

Despite the many challenges associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, the EDP is continuing to raise awareness internationally and build export opportunities for American craft brewers. The list below summarizes activities that are at this stage confirmed for the rest of the calendar year. 

Upcoming activities include the following:

CompetitionsCountryEvent DatesConsolidation Deadlines
European Beer StarGermanyOctober (judging)EBS Registration- Sept. 4
EDP Registration- Sept 7
Consolidation Deadline- Sept 11
Brussels Beer ChallengeBelgiumNovember (judging)September- Consolidation Deadline TBA
Events Promoting American Craft BeerCountryEvent DatesConsolidation Deadlines
2020 Planète Bière
FranceOctober 19-20Registration Deadline- Sept. 28
Consolidation Deadline- Oct. 2
2020 Stockholm Beer & Whiskey Festival
SwedenNovember 26-29TBA
Educational & Trade OutreachRegionActivity Dates
Seminars, tutored tastings, and importer warehouse visits by Craft Beer Ambassadors in Europe (Lotte Peplow) and China (Yandong Lu)China & Europe
American Craft Beer Seminar at Brazil Beer SummitBrazilDec 3-14
American Craft Beer Seminar at Brau BevialeGermanyNov 10-12
Expansion of BA EDP social media, digital, and promotional initiatives in Europe and Japan.Sweden, United Kingdom, France, JapanNovember
Member EducationCountryActivity Dates
Collab Hour - Systembolaget & the Swedish Market for American Craft BeerSwedenOctober 13

Additional activities may also be considered as the year progresses and will be announced to EDP members by email and on the EDP calendar. EDP activities are only available to members. If you are not a member of the EDP but would like to join, please contact BA Export Development Program manager Steve Parr.