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2018 GABF Medal Winners Analyzed

It’s time for the annual Great American Beer Festival medal recap! Take a look at the breakdown of the 2018 GABF medal winners by state, geographic region, and size.Read More

What Are you Making Beyond Beer?

As the brewing market has gotten more crowded, more and more Brewers Association members are producing products outside of just beer. In order to make sure that we’re providing our members with the best technical and market information, BA staff …Read More

Shifting Demographics Among Craft Drinkers

What are the demographics of craft lovers and how have those changed in recent years? As craft beer has grown, the total population of craft drinkers has certainly grown too, but has it diversified? How? Where? Before we delve into these …Read More

Craft Drinkers by DMA and Gender

This addendum to the Insights and Analysis post “Shifting Demographics Among Craft Drinkers” provides additional market data on craft drinkers by gender. The data comes from Scarborough USA+ 2017 Release 2, which was fielded from June 2016 to November 2017, …Read More

Early 2018 Beer Style Trends

We’re more than a 1/3 of the way through 2018, and like every year in craft, the market continues to evolve. In this post I wanted to check in on the two style trends that Paul Gatza and I mentioned …Read More

Brewers Association Brewery Production Data FAQ

The new members only brewery production data spreadsheet is now posted on the Brewery Production page in the statistics section of the website. The “Brewery Data” file contains brewery control group production data and state data from the years 2011-2017. The …Read More

Analyzing 2017 Craft Brewery Growth

Recently, I outlined the mechanics of coming up with our small and independent craft brewery growth numbers. Today, I want to delve a bit deeper into those numbers and try to describe the changing nature of craft growth in 2017. …Read More

Displaying results 31-40 of 112