Amended in the House, PA RTD Bill Returns to Senate

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Returned to the Senate following multiple House amendments, S. B. 688 defines ready-to-drink (RTD) cocktails as a beverage, composed in part of distilled liquor, combined with other nonalcoholic ingredients, carbonated or still, by whatever name the beverage may be called, premixed and packaged in original containers by the manufacturer, containing not more than sixteen ounces that is not mixed or adulterated on the licensed premises of a licensee. The term shall include any beverage consisting of at least one-half of one per centum, but not greater than twelve and one-half per centum, alcohol by volume. The term shall not include any beverage composed, in part, of wine or malt or brewed beverages. A new RTD Cocktail Permit is created to authorize off-premises sales of RTD cocktails which must be acquired from the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board (PLCB) as part of a regular or limited purchase listing, however, RTD cocktails may be sold as a special order to licensees that do not possess a RTD permit if the products are not sold for off-premises consumption. Holders of RTD cocktail permits may not purchase RTD cocktails directly from a licensed Pennsylvania manufacturer for the purpose of reselling the RTD cocktail for off-premises consumption.

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