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TTB Announces Voluntary Disclosure Program

The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) is offering a temporary voluntary disclosure program (through December 31, 2019) to address a significant number of wholesalers and importers of alcohol beverages who have undergone a change in control (a …Read More

Food-Related Regulatory Issue Addressed in CA

Awaiting a full Senate vote after passing the Assembly, Assembly Bill 746 seeks to exempt beer manufacturers that are licensed by the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control from the requirement to register with the Department of Public Health as a …Read More

ABC Reform Bill Signed by NC Governor

Signed by the Governor, S.B. 290, the ABC Regulatory Reform Bill, with respect to malt beverages allows for: malt beverage tastings at farmers markets; on-premises and off-premises malt beverage permit holders to allow permittees to transfer malt beverages to another …Read More

Hearing Held on Massachusetts Franchise Legislation

The subject of a legislative hearing, companions House Bill 327 and Senate Bill 104 seek to allow small brewers (defined as under 6 million barrels) to terminate a distributor without cause and with less than the current 120-day notice (the …Read More

Sales Tax Fix Signed in Pensylvania

Signed by the Governor, House Bill 262 provides that Pennsylvania breweries will pay 6 percent sales tax on 25 percent of the retail sale to its consumer, rather than on every dollar of beer sold directly to consumers via taprooms, …Read More

Non-Alc Beer Distribution Addressed in PA

Signed by the Governor, House Bill 131 further defines “alcoholic cider” and adds a definition of “fermented fruit beverage.” The bill also amends the Liquor Code to require non-alcoholic beer come through the wholesale tier of the three-tiered system. Read More

Local Option Issues for PA Brewery Licensees Signed

Approved by the Governor, H.B. 423 amends the Liquor Code to allow questions as to whether certain types of liquor licenses should be issued within a municipality to be on the ballot at any election other than a special election. …Read More

Farm Brewery Effort Stalls in RI

Held for further study, Senate Bill 913 sought to authorize the issuance of farmer brewery and farmer distillery licenses to qualifying farms subject to certain conditions. Read More

Beer-to-Go Bill Signed by TX Governor

Signed by the Governor, House Bill 1545, reauthorizing the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) , also: provides for the ability of production breweries to sell a case equivalent amount of beer for off-premises consumption; removes the distinction between beer and …Read More

Sales Tax Clarification Passed in Texas

Signed by the Governor, House Bill 4542, among several provisions, requires brewpubs that sell beer, ale, or malt liquor to a retailer to have the same sales tax reporting requirements as brewers, manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, and package store local distributors. Read More

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