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Indiana Craft Manufacturer Definition on Governor’s Desk

On its way to the Governor, House Bill 1086, in part defines “craft manufacturer’s permit” as a small brewery permit, farm winery permit, or artisan distiller’s permit and “craft manufacturer” as the holder of a “craft manufacturer’s permit.” The bill …Read More

Consumer Incentive Programs Proposed in Illinois

H.B. 4775 provides that a retail licensee or licensed manufacturer with retail privileges may offer incentives to consumers for participation in a consumer loyalty and reward program, offer consumers discounts on its products as part of a consumer loyalty and …Read More

New IL Non-Beer Tax Rate Proposed

S.B. 3426 provides that the tax imposed on manufacturers or importing distributors of alcoholic liquor containing not less than 0.5% alcohol by volume nor more than 10% alcohol by volume, other than cider, wine, or beer, is imposed at the …Read More

Canned Cocktail Bill Becomes Law

Signed by the Governor, H.B. 1025 defines “mixed beverage” as a prepared cordial, cocktail, or highball that is in a can or container that holds not more than twenty-four (24) ounces of the beverage and is a mixture of: (1) …Read More

GA Bill Addressing Distribution, Sales, and Franchise Fails to Advance

Failing to clear committee, S.B. 163 provides for small brewer self-distribution, modifies provisions of franchise agreements, lifts the limit on sales for off premises consumption, and provides for donations to charitable events. Read More

Lower BAC Bill Advances in Hawaii

Now under House consideration, Senate Bill 2384 seeks to lower the blood alcohol concentration threshold for driving while under the influence of alcohol from 0.08 to 0.05. Read More

Beer Definition Changes Advance in HI

Each bill passing its respective chamber, Senate Bill 2354 and companion H.B. 2522 expand the definition of “beer” under the liquor regulatory laws to mean any alcoholic beverage containing no less than 0.5 per cent alcohol by volume obtained by …Read More

Brewer Retail License Bill Passes ID Senate

Passing the Senate, S.B. 1364 consolidates the “brew pub” license and “retail” license into one “brewer’s retail” license and provides that a brewery can maintain their retail privileges should they exceed 30,000 barrels of annual production, provided that it has …Read More

Brewer Retail Expansion Bill Intro’d in IL

S.B. 3245 provides that any person licensed as a brewer, class 1 brewer, or class 2 brewer shall be permitted to sell on the licensed premises to non-licensees for on-premises or off-premises consumption (instead of for on or off-premises consumption …Read More

Colorado Alcohol Fee Considered

Senate Bill 181 seeks to impose a fee on alcohol distributed in Colorado to fund an addiction recovery program. The proposed fee for malt beverages and cider is sixteen cents/gallon, however, companies selling 60,000 barrels/year or less are exempt. Read More

Displaying results 111-120 of 3415

Pete Johnson

State & Regulatory Affairs Manager

Pete Johnson serves as the State & Regulatory Affairs Manager for the Brewers Association (BA). He joined the BA at its inception in 2005, having previously worked as Programs Director for the Brewers Association of America. Before coming to the small brewing industry in 2001, Pete worked for 14 years with both state and federal elected officials in Pennsylvania and Washington, D.C.

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