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A Federal Legislative Update on COVID-19

We are making sure Congress knows that breweries don’t have unlimited time to wait for negotiations. Congress needs to act now to pass legislation that helps the brewing community.Read More

Sanitizer Recommendations During COVID-19 Virus Concerns

Sanitizers used in beer production are not appropriate for bar and kitchen sanitation. Review these sanitizer recommendations from the Safety Subcommittee. Read More

President Signs H.R.6201, Families First Coronavirus Response Act

Congress passed the second piece of legislation in response to the coronavirus on March 18. In addition to offering free testing for COVID-19, it also includes emergency paid sick leave, family medical leave, and unemployment stabilization. Read More

Draught Quality Recommendations During Extended Bar/Restaurant Shutdown

In the event of an extended shutdown of your brewery, it is important to take some steps to make sure your draught system stays healthy.Read More

Crisis Communication Template

This how-to guide outlines a process for how to respond to inbound requests from media and wholesale, negative consumer inquiries/review, or social sharing. Read More

Ensuring Quality and Compatibility of Beer Packaged in Cans

The Brewers Association is aware of recent market withdrawals of U.S.-made beer packaged in cans. Not all types of beer or beer brands are compatible with all types of beer cans. Brewers should assess every beer brand they intend to package in cans to ensure favorable sensory and performance outcomes. Read More

Franchise Law Resources

The Franchise Law Resource "Accommodation of Small Brewers in State Beer Franchise Laws" has been updated for Brewers Association members. View the new version.Read More

Enforcement Alert: Social Media Advertising

In light of several recent communications from the Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) to individual breweries, members are urged to review the TTB’s guidance on the use of social media in the advertising of alcoholic beverages.Read More

Displaying results 21-30 of 212