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To Tax or Not To Tax: The Case For (and Against) Including Tax in Your Beer Prices

The jury is still out on whether it's best to include or exclude sales tax in your pricing, with compelling arguments weighing in on both sides.Read More

Hop Grower Codes

The Brewers Association encourages brewers to develop stronger relationships with their hop growers. Understanding hop grower codes is just one component.Read More

Are You Overpaying Your Federal Excise Taxes?

The TTB has informed the Brewers Association that approximately 400 brewers are overpaying their federal excise taxes.Read More

Brewers Share a Sense of Urgency on Federal Excise Taxes

Using their voices as small-business owners across the country, brewers are looking to deliver a clear message to their elected officials: Make the lower FET permanent, or put in jeopardy all the progress in the industry.Read More

Good Bines: Hop Industry Best Practices Program Announced

Hop Growers of America recently launched Good Bines, a comprehensive educational best practices resource for U.S. hop growers. Good Bines is a farm-focused framework built on the collaborative development and sharing of economic, social, and environmental best practices. Read More

Kentucky's Country Boy Brewing, which produced 14,416 barrels in 2018, has decided to focus on markets close to home.

Micros: Growing and Adapting

In total, 4,521 microbreweries—packaging breweries producing up to 15,000 barrels—operated during 2018, producing 5.8 million barrels. Production at microbreweries increased 16.4 percent, far exceeding that of breweries in other categories.Read More

Chilly Water’s original brewpub location has a music-themed food menu of pub fare including sandwiches, wraps, burgers, and salads.

Brewpubs: Upping Their Game

Brewpubs are continuing to hold their own. In 2018, the category was up 13 percent from the previous year, with much of that growth coming from new openings, according to Brewers Association chief economist Bart Watson.Read More

Challenge & Resilience in 2018

The story of Resilience IPA epitomized a year in which craft brewers saw increasing competition and challenges, yet still celebrated camaraderie and growth.Read More

Displaying results 1-10 of 186