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IL Agency Rules on Alc/Non-Alc Retail Placements

The Illinois Liquor Control Commission (ILCC) adopted a permanent rule regulating the placement of co-branded alcoholic beverages on retail sales floors with the goal of protecting the public from confusion between alcoholic beverages and non-alcoholic beverages with similar branding and …Read More

CA Tied-House Bill on Governor’s Desk

Signed by the Governor, Assembly Bill 546 seeks to revise tied-house restrictions related to paying, crediting, or compensating a retailer or retailers for advertising, display, or distribution service in connection with the advertising and sale of all alcoholic beverages, rather …Read More

Bottle Deposit Bill Intro’d in Illinois

H.B. 4205 creates the Bottle Deposit Act and provides that, to encourage container reuse and recycling, every beverage container sold or offered for sale to a consumer in the State must have a deposit and refund value. Read More

VA Self-Distribution Statute Gets Implementation Funding

Previously signed by the Governor and now receiving implementation funding, H.B. 2258 establishes the Virginia Beer Distribution Company (operated by the Virginia Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services) that will provide all breweries with the ability to self-distribute up to …Read More

NC Alcohol Omnibus Idled in Committee

Stalled in House committee, S.B. 527, among a host of provisions, seeks to: exclude ready-to-drink cocktails from the mixed beverage charge; allow industry members to provide up to $600 (currently $300) worth of retailer advertising specialty items and product displays …Read More

Displaying results 11-20 of 3214