Request for Proposals – Equipment Procurement Guide for Craft Brewers

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The Brewers Association (BA) wishes to develop a resource to guide brewers through the equipment selection and procurement process and align expectations between equipment suppliers and brewers. As the number of craft brewers and equipment suppliers continues to grow, it is critical for brewers to have a comprehensive guide to equipment selection to ensure both worker safety and beer quality.

The BA desires to establish clear and understandable guidance for craft breweries, with a specific emphasis on the small producers. The resource will serve as accepted industry procurement practice and establish minimum safety requirements.

The BA requires a vendor who has extensive knowledge with equipment supplier practices in the food and beverage industry and craft brewery best practices. The vendor will be able to effectively work in collaboration with BA staff, the BA Engineering Subcommittee, and BA member and other breweries.

View more details on the scope of work and how to submit a proposal.

The deadline for submission is November 15, 2019.

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