Brewers Association Publishes Performance Guidelines for Refillable Kegs

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The Brewers Association initiated a project in early 2013 to create and promulgate appropriate keg performance and quality guidelines in recognition of a lack of information relating to members’ procurement and use of beer kegs. Brewers Association retained expert project management from Bilfinger Industrial Services (BIS) Inc., Ballwin, Missouri. BIS gathered broad industry input from brewers large and small, keg and keg component manufacturers, keg cleaning and filling equipment suppliers and chemical companies.

Brewers Association now announces the publication of Performance Guidelines for Refillable Kegs: Best Practices for Procurement, Performance and Use of Refillable Beer Kegs. This document provides best practice performance, quality and safety guidance regarding refillable kegs and their components throughout the U.S. brewing industry. Located in the Business Tools section of the BA web site, the Keg Guidelines page also has Key Performance Findings document.

The guidelines contain information drawn from current best practices and recommendations from brewers and suppliers, regulations and standards, and governing bodies. They also provide minimum quality recommendations, as well as procedures and protocols for safe performance, for manufacturers and commercial users of refillable kegs and their components. Similar information for manufacturers and commercial users of single use kegs will be published mid-2014.

This document will be available to all U.S. brewing industry stakeholders including all brewers large and small, keg, valve and chemical suppliers, keg cleaning and filling equipment suppliers, wholesalers and retailers. It will give brewers the tools and education to make knowledgeable decisions regarding suitable use and performance when sourcing, purchasing, washing, filling, storing, handling and transporting beer kegs.

The guidelines are designed to be a living document. The Brewers Association continues to collect relevant information from brewers, manufacturers and others industry stakeholders. We urge those in the industry to provide us with any further information that will help us in the continued development of the guidelines or the advancement of keg and brewery safety.

The Brewers Association would like to extend its gratitude to the subject experts at Bilfinger Industrial Services Inc., Terry Stead, Renee Benson and Wendell Perkins for their expertise and dedication to the creation and development of the performance guidelines for refillable beer kegs.

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