Refillable Beer Keg Guidelines

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Best Practices for Procurement, Performance and Use of Refillable Beer Kegs

The Guidelines aim to:

  • Provide manufacturers and commercial users of refillable kegs a guideline of minimum quality recommendations.
  • Facilitate the safe operation of refillable kegs and their components throughout the brewing industry network.
  • Maintain positive communication between all involved parties.

The Refillable Keg Guidelines and supporting documents will provide all craft brewers with:

  • Best practice guidance in the development of specifications for and procurement of refillable beer kegs.
  • Anticipated performance parameters of refillable beer kegs in the face of the rigors of the trade common in a keg’s life-cycle.
  • Best practice guidance in all phases of refillable keg service and functionality that will ensure optimal performance and safe operation.

The Guidelines were developed with all U.S. brewing industry stakeholders in mind:

  • Brewers
  • Keg, valve and chemical suppliers
  • Keg cleaning and filling equipment suppliers
  • Distributors
  • Retailers

The Guidelines contain information drawn from current best practices and recommendations from:

  • Brewers of all sizes
  • Brewing industry suppliers
  • Numerous regulations and standards promulgated by diverse governing bodies

The Guidelines are designed to be “living documents.” The Brewers Association (BA) continues to collect relevant information from brewers, manufacturers and others industry stakeholders. We request that you provide BA staff with additional information you may have that will help us in the continued evolution of the Guidelines or the advancement of keg and brewery safety and quality.

The BA would like to extend its gratitude to the subject experts at Bilfinger Industrial Services Inc, Terry Stead, Renee Benson and Wendell Perkins for their expertise and dedication to the creation and development of the Performance Guidelines for Refillable Beer Kegs.