2017 Brewers Association Research Projects Funding Announced

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The Brewers Association Research Projects funding was approved  for 19 unique research projects totaling $440,000 for the 2017 calendar year. Thirteen of the projects will support development of the barley/malt supply chain, the remaining six address relevant issues in hop agronomics and hop flavor and stability in dry hopped beers.

As BA member breweries continue to grow and gain market share, looking to the future becomes increasingly important. Small, independent brewers have specific immediate concerns, but identifying and addressing long-term problems and challenges is just as critical. The technical committee and its supporting subcommittees have developed a unique set of goals, priorities, and projects that will ensure a healthy future not just for breweries, but for the entire supply chain and their local communities as well.

As part of this shared vision, the BA is proud to fund research and service grants in support of its member breweries. Funding priorities have included hop and malt research, as well as safety and sustainability-related projects. Funding has also supported research and service grants for public barley and hop variety development, hop disease and hop aroma research, as well as national and state grower organizations’ sustainability initiatives.

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Summaries of projects funded in 2015, 2016 and 2017 have been developed to better communicate how these projects support the BA’s mission to promote access to raw materials and markets, and support research and advances in safety, sustainability, education, technology and raw materials. Updates outlining the progress of funded projects will be posted as that information becomes available.

Submissions for 2018 calendar year funding will be accepted from March 1, 2017 to May 31, 2017. More information about the grant funding process can be found on the Research and Service Grants page.

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