American Society of Brewing Chemists and Brewers Association Collaborate on Instructional Videos

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The American Society of Brewing Chemists (ASBC) and Brewers Association (BA) are collaborating to produce a series of videos that demonstrate fundamental methods related to brewing microbiology. The first two videos in the series address screening for beer-spoiling bacteria with HLP media and wort stability testing using sterile sampling technique. Each video focuses on a distinct method and walks the viewer through effective execution in a real brewery environment.

Additional videos will be released to outline methods that are essential for ensuring consistent production of high quality beer. ASBC and BA have prioritized techniques that require only the most essential laboratory tools that every brewery should own. The videos also serve as an introduction to the renowned ASBC Methods of Analysis. This invaluable resource provides industry professionals the guidance necessary to evaluate everything from barley and hops to wort and beer, as well as filtering aids, packaging materials and even sensory analysis methods.

“It is absolutely vital for the modern craft brewer to ensure product quality, not just through sensory evaluation, but also by validating quality, consistency and microbiological stability through meaningful, objective in-house testing” said Jason Perkins, brewmaster at Allagash Brewing Company and BA Quality subcommittee chair.

“Not knowing where to start when setting up a quality program can be a huge deterrent for craft breweries prior to running even basic quality tests. For the craft brewer it is crucial that information on quality testing is easily accessible, scientifically accurate, and something that can be applied without the requirement for a sophisticated lab or expensive equipment. Implementing a few basic microbiological, sensory, and chemical tests from the ASBC Methods of Analysis is a critical starting point in building quality into a brewery. This collaboration between the BA and ASBC is designed to demonstrate the simplicity of many of these methods via a series of videos, aimed at helping craft breweries initiate their own quality system,” added Christine White, ASBC president.

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