ASBC Methods of Analysis Training Videos

The American Society of Brewing Chemists (ASBC) and Brewers Association (BA) are collaborating to produce a series of videos that demonstrate fundamental methods related to brewing quality beer. Each video focuses on a distinct method and walks the viewer through effective execution in a real brewery environment.

Brewers Association encourages membership in the ASBC, which gives industry professionals access to the Methods of Analysis and many other quality-related resources.

These videos outline methods that are essential for ensuring consistent production of high quality beer. ASBC and BA have prioritized techniques that require only the most essential laboratory tools that every brewery should own. The videos also serve as an introduction to the renowned ASBC Methods of Analysis. This invaluable resource provides industry professionals the guidance necessary to evaluate everything from barley and hops to wort and beer, as well as filtering aids, packaging materials and even sensory analysis methods.

Fundamental Methods Related to Brewing Microbiology

ASBC Microbiological Control 1a: Aseptic sampling of beer in process

Aseptic sampling technique is an essential skill for attaining a sample from a tank or process point that is representative of the beer or wort to be evaluated. This video demonstrates the ASBC Methods of Analysis aseptic sampling technique, applied to wort stability testing.

ASBC Microbiological Control 5l: Differential culture media for lactobacillus and pediococcus (HLP media)

Hsu’s Lactobacillus and Pediococcus (HLP) media can be employed to screen for common beer spoilers, while selecting against other organisms, such as yeast, gram negative bacteria and aerobic microbes. This video outlines the ASBC Methods of Analysis technique for utilizing HLP media in a brewery.

Fundamental Methods Related to Density Measurement

ASBC Recommended Beer Degassing Methods and Alternatives – Filter Paper Filtration and Degassing

Passing a sample through filter paper can effectively clarify and degas beer and wort for measuring density with a hydrometer, or density meter. If wort and beer samples have particulate or gas in suspension, measurements of color, for example, can be inaccurate. Other options for degassing samples for analysis can be found on the ASBC Beer Degassing Methods and Alternatives Matrix.

ASBC Beer Method 2b: Specific Gravity Determination using a Digital Density Meter

Digital density meters offer a precise and rapid method for measuring the density of various liquids. When calibrated, cleaned, and used according to manufacturer’s instructions, digital density meters can be used to determine the specific gravity of beer and wort. Consult the ASBC Beer Degassing Matrix for appropriate sample preparation techniques.

ASBC Beer Method 3b: Apparent Extract Determination using Hydrometers

Hydrometers are commonly used to measure extract in wort and apparent extract in fermented beer. A quality, properly calibrated hydrometer can provide rapid and reliable determinations of extract and apparent extract when used correctly. Consult the ASBC Beer Degassing Matrix for appropriate sample preparation techniques.