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General Membership Overview

See Membership Dues for price information. Also, see Membership Benefits for more benefit information.

Individual Membership

With this membership, you will receive the following:

  • One subscription to The New Brewer and access to The New Brewer Online
  • One subscription to the BA Forum
  • A discounted price of $62.50 + shipping and handling of the Brewers' Resource Directory (see the Table of Contents (PDF file). The non-member price is $125 + shipping and handling.

See Individual for more information.

Brewery Membership (includes planning breweries)

With this company membership, you will receive the following:

  • Multiple free copies of The New Brewer, access to The New Brewer Online and the BA Forum for staff
  • Free Brewers' Resource Directory copies (see the Table of Contents (PDF file)
  • Business-related communications and updates
  • A brewery member decal
  • Craft beer marketing program eligibility

See Brewery for more information.

Brewery Membership is a good choice if you are working with partners and employees because it allows multiple people to access benefits.  If you are planning a brewery, you may take this option even if you have not received a license yet. Note: Membership dues are based on the previous year’s taxable production (or retail sales if you are a contract brewery) and not on a projection of the current year’s sales.

Allied Trade/Supplier Membership

Allied Trade/Supplier Membership includes companies that supply the brewing industry (with raw materials, equipment, chemicals, etc.) or offer services (like, POS, consulting, marketing, etc).

See Allied Trade/Supplier for more information.

Craft Beer Distributor Membership

Craft Beer Distributor Membership includes companies that work between beer producers and the retail shelves.

See Craft Beer Distributor for more information.

Craft Beer Retailer Membership

Craft Beer Retailer Membership includes companies that sell multiple craft brands in a beer bar setting or in a retail establishment.

See Craft Beer Retailer for more information

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