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New Jersey’s Flying Fish Brewing Co. Hosts Lt. Governor

Lt.Gov Guadagno and Gene Muller, President Flying Fish Brewing Co.

Lt.Gov Guadagno and Gene Muller, President Flying Fish Brewing Co.

New Jersey's Lieutenant Governor Kim Guadagno recently visited Flying Fish Brewing Co. as part of a state-wide program exploring ways to cut red tape for small businesses.  As part of the one-hour visit she toured the brewing and packaging operations and then sat down to discuss how small breweries can grow in the state.  Despite its population and demographics, New Jersey ranks 32nd in the amount of craft beer brewed, according to 2010 BA statistics.

As part of the effort to change that, the Garden State Craft Brewers Guild has introduced legislation (A-3969/S-2870) to allow production breweries and brewpubs to take advantage of many of the marketing and sales opportunities the state's wineries already enjoy.

Part of the impetus for the visit was that Flying Fish has just embarked on a $5 million dollar expansion project for a new brewery in the state which will create jobs, boost local tax revenue and increase tourism.




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