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Lawmakers Continue Tour of Local Craft Breweries

With the House and Senate on recess, many lawmakers are visiting craft brewers.  More

Great American Beer Festival Sells Out in Record Time

Great American Beer Festival sells out 5 weeks in advance. unlocks the mystery behind this phenomenon. More

Idaho Senator visits local craft brewer.

S3339 co-sponsor Mike Crapo visits Idaho craft brewer, Laughing Dog, says of the bill, " Everyone would benefit." More

Brewers Association Reports 2010 Mid-Year Growth for U.S. Craft Brewers

Craft Brewer Dollar growth is up 12% as a total of 100 breweries have opened in the last year. More

American Craft Beer Making Waves in the UK

The Brewers Association Export Development program's efforts to expand the reach of American craft beer were recently highlighted by the London based newspaper The Independent. More

Senator Wyden Discusses S. 3339 with Oregon Craft Brewers

Senator Ron Wyden Meets with members of the beer industry about S.3339. The Senator is a co-sponsor to the proposed small brewers excise tax reduction bill. More

Senator Wyden Visits Ninkasi Brewing, Promotes S. 3339

Oregon Senator Ron Wyden stopped by Ninkasi Brewing and spoke with brewers and hop farmers promoting S. 3339. The bill would help to create jobs in and around the states rich craft beer industry. More

Small Brewers Welcome Congress Back to DC

Highlighting the flavor and diversity of American craft beer, Brewers Association members participate in tasting for Congressional members and their staffers.  More

Brewers Association Releases Policy Statement on Proposed Beer Wholesaler Legislation

BA expresses significant concerns with HR 5034 and the affect this Bill would have on small brewers. Despite opposing the HR 5034 in the current form, the BA looks for more discussion with the NBWA and other industry members. More

House Small Brewers Caucus Update

Specialty beers was the theme of the second Small Brewers Caucus Meeting of the year. Members of the Brewers Association Board, known for these exciting craft styles, were on hand to describe what makes their specialty ales and lagers so special. More

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