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Brewpubs: Server Education

Brewpubs: Server Education

In response to the brewpub segment's growth and the important role it plays in inspiring grassroots beer enthusiasts, the Brewers Association's Brewpub Committee created a new Brewpubs Section on This section provides an easy way to locate resources and news important to a brewpub's business.

Tony Simmons is a graduate of the Siebel Institute and World Brewing Academy as well as a Brewpub board member for the Colorado Brewers Guild, and a Brewpub subcommittee member for the Brewers Association.  His article in The New Brewer, highlighted in the Brewpubs Section of, emphasizes the importance of having a well educated front of house staff. 

In this article Tony states, "Your bartenders and servers are on the front lines of both communication and interaction with table or barstool at a time. They need the tools, information, and education to be that 'beer liaison' for your brewpub or taproom."

Read the full article: "Server Education for Brewpubs and Tap Rooms"

Find additional tips from the experts in the Brewpubs Front of House Section.




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