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The Brewers Association’s Export Development Program was created to help U.S. craft brewers expand their market. Using tools and funding from the U.S. Department of Agriculture Market Access Program, U.S. craft beers are sampled at trade shows and festivals around the world. Brewers are introduced to international markets and buyers, as well as save significant money through consolidation shipments and competition fees.


The Brewers Association’s Export Development Program (EDP) began in 2004 with a grant from the United States Department of Agriculture’s Market Access Program.

The EDP Sub-Committee of the Market Development Committee meets to throughout the year to discuss activity plans.

Program Objectives

  • Educating international trade and media about the quality and diversity of products offered by the US craft beer industry and about the US craft beer culture
  • Informing member breweries about opportunities for their products in key international target markets
  • Complementing the industry’s own efforts to increase international distribution


The EDP provides a solid return on investment for participating breweries.

Annual EDP Activities

  • Trade shows – Brand exposure through shows in Europe and Asia
  • Competitions – Subsidized participation in European Beer Star, Australian International Beer Awards, Brussels Beer Challenge and Stockholm Beer Competition
  • Seminars – Export receptions and seminars at GABF and CBC
  • Buyer missions – Key buyers and media brought to BA events in the U.S.
  • Research/resources – Market research studies and dedicated export guidance
  • Other – New promotional materials, political and media exposure


The EDP sees international competitions as a key mechanism by which to generate publicity for the US craft beer industry and assist EDP subscribers with gaining attention and distribution for their brands in select target markets. As such, the BA covers the cost of a consolidated sample shipment to the competition and covers the entry fee for up to three brands per brewery in select international competitions for its member breweries.

2014 Competitions


The EDP participants have the opportunity to send their beers to be served at the Brewers Association’s booth at the following festivals:

2014 Festivals

How to Participate

Though a few components of the EDP are open to all BA members, most program benefits are reserved only for EDP participants. Participants pay an annual EDP fee, based on brewery production, to offset administrative costs associated with the program and the use of USDA grant funds.  Annual fee covers participation July 1 through June 30 of the following year.

Annual Fee

  • $500 for breweries producing less than 5,000 barrels
  • $750 for first-time participants (an introductory offer to the program)
  • $895 for breweries producing less than 50,000 barrels
  • $1,195 breweries producing greater than 50,000 barrels

If you would like to participate in the EDP or request additional information, please contact:

Mark Snyder

Brewers Association Export Development Program Manager

1.303.447.0816, ext. 137


The EDP has made significant progress each year in achieving the BA’s objectives.

Success Highlights

  • The Brewers Association (BA) reports craft beer export volume increased by an astounding 49 percent in 2013, with a value estimated at $73 million.
  • There are new distribution agreements for U.S. breweries throughout Europe and Asia.
  • EDP subscribers have won countless awards bolstering domestic and international PR.
  • The program receives media exposure for the BA and individual breweries in leading industry publications.

Equal Opportunity

Brewers Association is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, gender, religion, age, disability, political beliefs, sexual orientation, or marital/familial status.