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The New Brewer, The Journal of the Brewers Association, is published bi-monthly. The New Brewer (and additional copies for staff) is included with a paid Brewers Association membership. Single issues are also for sale online.

Established in 1983 to help commercial start-up breweries find their way during the early days of the craft beer revolution, The New Brewer has evolved for more than 30 years along with the maturing craft brewing community. Today, The New Brewer offers practical insights and advice for breweries ranging in size from fewer than 100 barrels per year up to more than two million barrels.

Content includes features on topics like brewing technology and problem solving, pub and restaurant management, and packaged beer sales and distribution. In addition, each issue of the magazine carries important industry news. The annual Industry Review issue (May/June) tallies production for every craft brewery in America, producing national lists of the biggest players in every sector from brewpub to regional brewery.

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By Charlie Papazian

News & Views

By Paul Gatza

A Toast To…

By Jill Redding

Communicating Craft

By Julia Herz

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By Barbara Fusco


Government Affairs

By Pete Johnson and Marc Sorini

Guilds Update

By Acacia Coast

Beer Economist

By Bart Watson

Chef’s Table

By Adam Dulye

Focus on Brewpubs

By The Brewpubs Committee

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Mailing Schedule

Issue Theme Mail Date
Jan/Feb 2016 Brewpubs January 21
Mar/Apr 2016 Distribution/CBC Preview March 18
May/Jun 2016 2015 Industry Review May 20
Jul/Aug 2016 Technical Brewing/Brewing Operations July 18
Sep/Oct 2016 Sales & Marketing September 16
Nov/Dec 2016 Raw Materials/Crop Reports November 18

Contributor Guidelines

We welcome article ideas for The New Brewer. Your first step should be to read the magazine to become familiar with our style and the kinds of articles we publish. Then submit a written query via email to Editor-in-Chief Jill Redding that summarizes your idea. When proposing an article, keep in mind that we generally assign stories at least three months prior to an issue’s cover date.

Write a Feature

The best place for writers to contribute to the magazine is feature articles (1,500-2,500 words).

Feature articles are typically closely matched to the established theme for each issue (themes are established each summer for the following calendar year) and are generally related to the craft brewing industry and community. See the Mailing Schedule for the issue themes.

Due to a large volume of correspondence, please do not expect an immediate response.

In addition, press releases and information related to beer, brewing, and the allied trade can be submitted for consideration for Brewery Updates, Distribution News, Beer Releases, and Industry Supplier News to Jill Redding.

Submit a Brewery Profile to The New Brewer

The Brewers Association would like to recognize those who contribute to the creation of American craft beer. Submitted brewery profiles may appear on the Brewers Association website or in The New Brewer.

Please use our online submission tool to submit a profile of someone at your brewery.


Meet the Editor-in-Chief

Jill ReddingJill Redding is editor-in-chief of The New Brewer. Jill lives in Boulder, Colo., with her husband and son. She is a Certified Cicerone® and a BJCP certified beer judge. When she’s not editing articles about beer, you’ll find Jill running, hiking, skiing, and biking in the Colorado Rockies.

The New Brewer welcomes letters, opinions, ideas, article queries, and general information from its readers. Correspondence should be directed to: jill@brewersassociation.org.


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