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Developing a Safety Culture

My brewery is trying to become safer and I am reading a few articles that discuss OSHA compliance and safety culture. What does “safety culture” mean exactly? If you are OSHA compliant, does that mean you have safety culture? The Safety …Read More

Inspecting Pressure Relief Valves

How often should PRVs be inspected and/or recalibrated to make sure they are functioning properly? Is there a good guide on how to recalibrate a PRV? I read somewhere that all PRVs made in the last decade or so had …Read More

Hearing Protection

My safety officer just made a new rule that I wear earplugs when I bottle. It doesn’t seem that loud and when I wear earplugs, I just want to turn the music up more. I’ve been going without earplugs for …Read More

Hazardous Communication (Hazcom) Training

What’s Hazcom? Are there any sample training materials I can use as a template to get this going at my brewery?  The Safety Exchange Says: Hazcom is short for “Hazard Communication.” It relates specifically to hazardous chemicals in the workplace. Sometimes …Read More

Changes in Hazard Communication (Hazcom)

Can you tell me what is changing in Hazard Communication and when I have to have comply? The Safety Exchange Says: Most employees are familiar with the Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) and labels that manufacturers and vendors of hazardous chemicals …Read More

Displaying results 41-47 of 47