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Insights & Analysis

2019 Craft Beer Packaging Trends Recap

Brewers Association chief economist Bart Watson takes a look at 2019 trends in craft beer packaging and makes some projections for 2020.Read More

Insights & Analysis

An Early Look at 2019 Craft Growth via Scan Data

Although 2019 is officially over, we're still analyzing all of the data about how the year unfolded in craft brewing. Let's take a look at 2019 scan data. Read More

Lake Anne Brew House raised $18,000 for the Reston Historic Trust & Museum at their annual Cardboard Boat Regatta
Industry Updates

Managing Donation Requests

Managing donation requests at your brewery can be overwhelming. Maximize the impact of your donations for both charities and your brewery with these ideas. Read More

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Insights & Analysis

First Look at New On-Premise Sales Price Data

Chief economist Bart Watson has new data to analyze average beer prices at brewpubs and taprooms. Here's the first look at what he's learned.Read More

Insights & Analysis

Hard Seltzers and Small Brewers

Seltzer has exploded and BA chief economist Bart Watson thinks they're here to stay. Here's the data on what this means for your brewery.Read More

The New Brewer

The Rise of Lifestyle Beers

A crosscurrent is developing among craft beer consumers: a demand for simpler more refreshing beers that increasingly complement a healthier lifestyle.

The New Brewer

Are Craft Brewers Still Innovating?

As the growth of craft beer as a category has tapered off, some observers have lamented that frewer craft brewers seem to truly innovate, with many now following trends.

Insights & Analysis

How Many Breweries In Planning Are There Really?

Learn how Brewers Association chief economist Bart Watson estimates the number of breweries in planning and what that number really looks like today. Read More

Communicating Craft

The Diversity Data Is In: Craft Breweries Have Room and Resources for Improvement

With the 2019 diversity data now available, anyone scanning it will conclude there is work to be done, and we as a craft beer community can do better.Read More

Displaying results 1-10 of 272