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Government Affairs

Tax Savings

Defense of the small brewers tax differential that allows small brewers to pay 60 percent less federal excise tax (up to 60,000 barrels). That’s a savings of $11 per barrel. Coordination with state brewers associations on state excise tax proposals.

Regulatory Agency Liaison

Advocacy of a plan to reduce the number of excise tax reports a brewer under 7,000 barrels must file from 25 to four reports.

State Brewing Associations (Guilds)

Support of state brewers associations on state issues. Facilitation of interguild communication.

Capitol Hill Education and Promotion Events

Biannual craft beer education events for members of Congress and their staff. Communication with the House of Representatives Small Brewers Caucus.

Legislative Updates

Monthly updates on state, federal and court actions; also featured in The New Brewer.

Support Your Local Brewery

Grassroots issues activist network. More information.

Brewing Quality

The industry enjoys a wealth of technical information. The BA compiles and produces resources and provides them to brewers to help you take your beer to the next level. Members also exclusively enjoy access to results from the Hops Usage Survey.


🌿 Sustainability Benchmarking Tools

The Brewers Association is proud to offer a powerful set of tools for brewers to measure how successful their sustainability efforts in the brewery are. These tools are a combination of Sustainability Benchmarking survey data, a mobile app for ease of input of current data and a desktop resource to compare results with (anonymous) brewers of similar size across the country.

🔒 Members-Only Content On

Indicated with a lock icon in the menu, these pages feature exclusive content available to BA members only, including extensive industry statistical data, benchmarking information, presentation archives, technical information (covering hops, keg repatriation, and other topics), message boards and committee meeting minutes.

The New Brewer®

Multiple free subscriptions to The New Brewer magazine for staff members and access to The New Brewer Online.

Brewers Association Forum

Multiple free subscriptions to the Brewers Association Forum, a daily, moderated email digest connecting you to more than 12,800 participating members.

Industry Statistics

Annual Beer Industry Production Survey reports the growth of craft beer industry; featured in the May/June issue of The New Brewer. Access to the Brewery Operations and Benchmarking Survey (BOBS) data, a comprehensive look into brewery operations data.

Professional E-Conference Series: Power Hour

Power Hour is an online, interactive teleconference series on regulatory, marketing and other information six times per year. Every segment is recorded and available for download in the Power Hour archives.

Access to Export Development Program

Program funded by government grants to help sell American craft beer internationally. See the Exporting Beer section for more information.

Craft Brewing Fact Sheet

Biannual mailings of comprehensive analysis reports of the craft brewing community.

North American Brewery Update

Annual communication of brewery openings and closings.

Beer Sellers Guide

Discounts on purchase of the American Craft Beer and Food and American Craft Beer Guides for training employees and customers.

Craft Brewers Conference & BrewExpo America®

Registration discounts to our annual educational conference per person for the full conference rate. See conference website for pricing.

Brewers Publications

Discounts on pre-publication releases.

IRI Group Discounts

Discounts on beer sales market reports through the IRI Group.

Supply Chain Resources

Do you know your growers and the challenges they face? The BA aims to ensure the availability and quality of ingredients for craft brewers. We work hard to provide regular updates to members on supply chain and market trends.

Craft Beer Marketing/Events


Press Release and event promotion, brewery features and more. Visit

American Craft Beer Week®

Promotion and coordination of American Craft Beer Week celebrating the success and community ties of craft breweries and beer lovers.


Seasonal craft beer and statistic press releases sent to share information on today’s small and independent craft brewers.

Media Liaison/Industry Representation

Industry representation and referrals to national and local media plus ability to request one state media list per year.

SAVOR℠: An American Craft Beer & Food Experience

The premier craft beer and food pairing event in the U.S held annually in Washington, D.C., SAVOR advances consumer awareness of beer and food culture and U.S. craft brewers. Visit

Beer Garden Coordination

Representation at the National Beer Wholesalers Association, Nightclub & Bar and other special events designed to help brewers expand market share.

Networking, Communications & More

Craft Brewers Conference & BrewExpo America® Members save up to $635 (early pricing) or $785 (late pricing) on conference registration fees. Mingle with industry peers, gain knowledge from seminars and see what over 800 suppliers have to offer at this annual event.

Great American Beer Festival®

Great American Beer Festival discounts for registration and judging fees up to $200 per entry and members-only ticket purchase. Exposure to 60,000 beer enthusiasts.

World Beer Cup

The World Beer Cup is a biennial international beer competition celebrating beer excellence.

Member Directory Listing

Members are listed in the Brewers Association online member directories.

The New Brewer magazine

Published bimonthly, this periodical delivers you in-depth industry information both in print or available anytime online.

Electronic Member Mailings

Updates on beer industry trends and information on BA events and projects.

AHA Member Deals

The AHA Member Deals is a customer-loyalty program driven by the American Homebrewers Association. Participation available to BA members.

AHA Rallies

American Homebrewers Association Rallies are a way to bring the homebrewing and craft brewing community together. Participation is available exclusively to BA members.

Member Decal

Member decal for breweries and businesses to display at your facility.

Zymurgy Magazine

One complimentary subscription to Zymurgy, the premium homebrewing and beer enthusiast magazine.

Dues & FAQs


Brewery Production U.S. Membership International Membership
0-500 bbls $195 $235
501-2,500 bbls $295 $335
2,501-60,000 bbls $295 + $0.10 per barrel over 2,500 bbls $400
60,001-150,000 bbls $6,045 + $0.065 per barrel over 60,000 bbls $400
150,001-6,000,000 bbls 12,000 + $0.005 per barrel over 150,000 bbls maximum $15,000 $500
> 6 million bbls (Associate Member) $15,000 – Contact Sarah Billiu $15,000 – Contact Sarah Billiu
Mail-in option: print, complete and mail this invoice for U.S. memberships, this invoice for international memberships.


When does the membership start?

Memberships are yearly from the current month of purchase (not from January 1).

Does a brewery membership cover just me or my whole company?

Your whole company.

Additional questions?

Contact Membership Coordinator Sarah Billiu: | 1.888.822.6273 x 197

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We have been members of the Brewers Association for many years now and continue to understand the value this organization provides. The Brewers Association, with annual events like the Great American Beer Festival and Craft Brewers Conference, provides us unparalleled access to networks of people and information. We believe that as this industry continues to grow, we will mature as a business with the Brewers Association at our side.

Tomme Arthur, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Owner, Port Brewing Company and The Lost Abbey, San Marcos, CA