Promotion of a guild’s website is fundamental to communicating with membership and the public about association activities and the importance of the state’s beer industry to the local economy. Websites also provide a space for advertising sponsorships from associate members, and to promote members’ beers and breweries to beer lovers within and from outside your state.

Social media

Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms help announce events, solicit need for legislative support, receive member feedback, etc. You want to encourage all of your members to follow the guild and to retweet/repost all of your announcements.

Traditional Media

In partnership between the Brewers Association’s Craft Beer Program and the BA’s outside media firm, we annually prepare the media outlet contacts databases for each state, available anytime upon request by a guild.

These lists differ from the general media lists BA members access through our Business Tools page, which include various food, alcohol, and beverage media outlets. The database we make available to guilds only is much more robust, including key contacts not just in the food and beverage category, but a more universal media outlets database specific to your state including general media, business media, legislative affairs, food/beverage, and lifestyle.

These lists have proven to be a valuable resource for guild efforts, whether it be in promoting guild and guild member activities or educating the press on issues of importance to a state’s brewing industry. The media can bring a wider awareness of potential legislative change as state representatives go digging around for budget fixes or, more optimistically, pursue policy to modernize your beverage alcohol laws. Journalists and policy makers both appreciate coverage when a State Representative tours or hosts a town hall meeting at a local brewery. Members of the media appreciate being included in your events, and are often eager to bring positive press to your brewers guild fundraisers. Got a new brewery opening up? Let the press know!

The sky’s the limit with craft beer’s spotlight in the media these days!

Contact Acacia Coast directly to obtain your state’s database, and please respect the Terms and Conditions regarding use of our media lists.

Promotional Materials

Print Material: Creating a statewide presence through print material like a brewery trail map are a great example.

Membership brochures: Maine, New York, Vermont, Wisconsin

Digital guild brochures: Michigan, MontanaOregon

Guild gear: Merchandise like shirts, hats, mugs, etc. Check out Michigan’s Guild Store.

Brand standards: When promoting a state’s beer and its breweries, a guild’s logo comes to be recognized as a trusted representation of an important local association.

Guilds and supporting member breweries build the brand by placing it on festival banners, case packs, and other promotional materials. The logo helps breweries to identify their beer as made locally, creating local jobs, and supporting the state’s economy.

Washington has made an outstanding guide for utilizing their Washington Beer Commission logo: the Washington Beer Brand Standards Guide. The guide was created to help state breweries most effectively use the Washington Beer logo, determine best colors and fonts for their materials, and keep consistent usage of the Washington Beer brand with all participating breweries.

From Eric Radovich, WA Beer Commission Executive Director: “With it, we hope to make it easier for each of you [member breweries] to promote your product as a Washington-made beer, attracting customers who value buying local, as well as building awareness of the high quality ingredients, taste and production standards of our state’s great breweries.”


Share the successes and challenges of your state’s brewing community with a wide-ranging audience.

Checkout these popular guild blogs:

State, City and National Beer Weeks

This is a large undertaking, but when done successfully, can be a huge fundraising source and promotional outreach for guilds. Learn more about American Craft Beer Week and view the calendar.

Has your state declared by proclamation a state craft beer week? This is often a great project that guilds can work on to develop trust and build relationships within the association.

Check out the New Jersey Craft Beer Week Proclamation, a successful initiative headed by the Garden State Craft Brewers Guild.

In 2012, by initiative of the California Craft Brewers Association, the California state Senate voted unanimously to pass SCR 66, a resolution introduced by Senator Corbett to declare February as “California Craft Beer Month.”

Great America Beer Festival® Protect Craft Guilds Pavilion

Each year at the Great American Beer Festival, guilds participate and pour unique beers at the Protect Craft Guilds Pavilion. This pavilion provides a promotional and educational opportunity for guilds to bring information on their state guild, state beer trail maps, and most importantly, serve member brewery beers not otherwise available on the festival floor, to thousands of beer enthusiasts.

This pavilion is an immense opportunity for very small and resource-challenged breweries that can’t make it to the festival with their own booth.

From Brian Butenschoen, Executive Director of the Oregon Brewers Guild:

“For the Oregon Brewers Guild it’s a huge marketing opportunity for us—it’s a chance for our brewers to talk about what brewers are doing in Oregon. We have a takeaway map/brochure that people can leave with that has two pages of events that can help people decide when they want to visit Oregon.

There’s not many times you can get info out to 50,000 craft beer lovers about what your state’s breweries are doing. Because we are at GABF, we now have permanent GABF page on our website where we have a listing of participating breweries, medal results and photos and videos of past medal winners.

Having a booth at GABF is also a benefit of membership brewery members—for participating breweries it’s another beer they can pour that’s not at their booth, another chance to talk to consumers. We have seven breweries that sell beer in Denver that are all guild members, so it’s another way to give back to the breweries that support the guild.”