Member Education

The rapidly developing craft industry has brought an acute awareness of the need for industry education. In some states, this has resulted in guild education opportunities, including technical conferences and seminars for craft beer business professionals. These opportunities support industry knowledge advancement.

What do you do to ensure your guild members comprehend the critical nature of speaking with once voice?

How do you ensure these brewers recognize they are part of something bigger than themselves, and act accordingly? Comprehensive and consistent education is crucial.

Actionable education and recruitment activities include:

  • Hosting state’s pioneer brewers or key industry rock stars to speak at meetings or conferences about their experience opening breweries decades ago, and their motives for staying unified throughout history
  • Inviting state regulators/alcohol bev control agency reps/etc to address the state laws, the history of those laws, their purpose, and importantly, current laws. Q&A always important here.
  • Inviting state representatives to guild meetings/conferences
  • Regular conference calls with a guild attorney for live Q&A
  • Offering regional guild meetings (guild road show!)
  • Visiting new members in person
  • Calls direct from Guild board members to new members
  • Newsletters (often with “Common Q&As” using the phone call inquiries that come in from membership)
  • Leveraging allied trade members to discern “Breweries in Dreaming”
  • Disseminating a “new brewery member guidebook” (example contents here)

Technical Conferences

  • Provide a forum for marketing, sales and technical issues affecting the craft beer industry.
  • Consider elements of good practice in the brewery and in the business.
  • Highlight the importance of experience, mentorship and further education.

Technical conferences offer an excellent opportunity for fundraising for the guild, and are an instrumental opportunity for community education. Offering membership discounts provides tangible benefit to the breweries in the state, which in turn helps boost membership to the guild.

Specialty seminars supported by innovative and pioneering industry leaders undoubtedly stimulates development and success. Interesting and informative perspectives pollinate across the state’s expanding craft community, bringing about positive evolution to our great industry.

Education On the State Level

Successful guild technical conferences consistently produce a beneficial contribution to the guild’s membership and considerable value to the state’s entire craft industry.

As the organizer of the Craft Brewers Conference, the Brewers Association finds great significance in offering opportunities for our industry to network, collaborate, learn and progress. These local offerings are an affordable option that is immensely valuable to our community.

If you are hosting a guild-sponsored technical seminar, please let us know so we can help promote it!


Scholarships are a great way to assist guild members in expanding their knowledge of brewing, malting and other related fields. The Minnesota Craft Brewers Guild has a perfect example of this, check out their scholarship program.